People Profiles: Dr. Mary Taylor Winsten

Mary Taylor (MT) Winsten, MD, (PGY-3, Obstetrics and Gynecology)

“It sounds so cliché, but it’s true, I’m living out my dream every day.”

Mary Taylor (MT) Winsten, MD, (PGY-3, Obstetrics and Gynecology) always wanted to be a physician, and now, she is grateful for the chance to serve women and advocate for their health during some of their most vulnerable moments.

“I think that’s really special that you get to be there in some of the most joyous parts of people’s lives and some of the hardest,” Dr. Winsten said.

Originally from Texas, Dr. Winsten was excited for the new challenges that came with a new city and a residency. “During intern year, you’re so overwhelmed by all of the new. You’re in a new city, you’re in a new environment, trying to figure out so many things – you don’t even know how to order Tylenol! – but it does get better,” she shared.

She attributes a big part of her success at MedStar Health to the sense of community between residents and attending physicians. “I feel very well supported. It makes a big difference to have a culture of support and people that you enjoy being around. It makes me feel very lucky to be here,” she said.

Now, Dr. Winsten is stepping forward to help other residents and fellows navigate residency, by serving as a resident representative on the Physician Leadership Council (PLC) alongside Dr. Sant Kumar.  As a representative of the more than 1,000 MedStar Health GME residents and fellows, Dr. Winsten is keen on working with the PLC to improve the working environment for her colleagues.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to serve as a liaison and an advocate for them. Because I think that’s huge to have leadership who actually wants to know what’s going on and wants us to be involved,” she said. “We do have the ear of the Physician Leadership Council and Dean Padmore, and we can be advocates for thoughtful changes in our healthcare system.”

One day, Dr. Winsten envisions a future where healthcare is more easily accessible to everyone. “I wish to continue to improve access to people because I think it makes a difference in – not just their health – but their quality of life,” she said.

When Dr. Winsten is not treating patients or working on behalf of her colleagues, she enjoys cooking new dishes with her husband, an Emergency Medicine resident at George Washington University Hospital.