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GME recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a great deal of uncertainty for all of us. We’ve created this site specifically for residents and fellows to provide you with regular updates and factual information regarding how this situation affects you as a trainee at MedStar Health. 

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Academic Affairs Working Group for Racial Justice

This effort consists of six proposed working groups focused on the development and implementation of sustainable positive change in our clinical learning environments.

Unions: Educate Yourself

Get the facts about unions here.

From Your GME Leaders

The latest news and updates from Dean Padmore and other GME leaders including Academics This Week and Covid-19 Now.

Popular FAQs

Our GME Leadership Team (specifically the Associate DIOs at each entity) are currently working together to create an algorithm for redeployment between departments, which we will share broadly as soon as it is finalized.  Any redeployments will be jointly managed between the ADIOs, the Program Director, and GME.  In the meantime, we have agreed to the following guiding principles:

  1. Redeployment means being assigned to work outside of your program. No one has been asked to redeploy yet.  Internal reassignment means a department adjusting or flexing resident schedules to accommodate for well-being, clinical volume, and patient care needs.We are aware that as patient volumes and care needs have shifted, your individual departments have made decisions to pull residents back from external rotations, to enhance staffing of particular units, or to flex residents to alternate schedules (such as one week on, one week off as back-up).  All of these things will continue, and we know that your programs are making these decisions with your education, safety, and well-being in mind.
  2. Volunteers. When considering redeployment, we intend to take qualified volunteers first.  If we are able to fill our patient care needs with volunteers, we will not mandate further redeployment.  If you are interested in volunteering to be redeployed, please advise your program director.
  3. Team Approach. If redeployment of residents or fellows becomes necessary, we will follow a team approach.  That is, attendings, residents, and/or advanced practice clinicians (NPs, PAs) will be assigned to work as a team, assuring there is adequate supervision and clinical expertise.
  4. Duration of Assignments. We will work to limit the duration of any redeployment so that educational priorities can continue to be met.
  5. Transparency. We will communicate transparently around redeployment decisions at each institution.

MedStar does not provide hazard pay to anyone. But, MedStar does take every precaution consistent with national guidelines and best practices to reduce any risks to you and our patients associated with the pandemic.

In some situations, some associates are being paid to work extra shifts. Residents and fellows are not being asked to work above and beyond their normal duty hours.

Any resident/fellow placed in quarantine (either pending testing or due to a positive COVID-19 test) is placed in paid leave status that is not vacation time.  MedStar will cover the costs related to any medical care you require resulting from COVID-19.  Please contact GME for any specific questions or issues.


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