Nick Hazen, MD, PGY-6 Minimally Invasive GYN Surgery fellow, MWHC

Here’s what Nick’s faculty and colleagues said about him:

“Prior to starting medical school, Nick worked in IT but yearned for work that was more hands-on in helping others. After medical school, he did his Ob/Gyn residency with us, and now his fellowship.

Our division and department has benefitted tremendously from Nick’s IT knowledge and kindness. Nick walked all of us subspecialist attendings and co-fellows through the ER process as we were re-assigned duties are the start of the pandemic. He set up the dual monitors and webcams for many in the department to conduct video eVisits at MWHC and our satellite clinics. When he is on-call he helps out everyone in house and sleeps on an air mattress in our office because he wants to be available for 24 hours. He goes above and beyond in helping others including the Kaiser doctors who can get overwhelmed trying to cover their own patients in the ER and L&D. He has worked with Patrice in billing and with leadership to streamline our billing and coding process for ER and inpatient consults as well as telemedicine. Each day he helps us compile the list of the full Ob/Gyn on-call team, so we can text the information out every morning so everyone in house has the contact information at the ready in case extra help is needed. And he does all of this with humility and without complaint.

“Some people do things for recognition or money or power. Nick helps out and goes the extra mile just because he is a kind human being and cares about patients and co-workers.”