Michel Terzibachi MD, Internal Medicine, Baltimore

Dr. Michel Terzibachi was recommended for this week’s SHOUT OUT by his advisor, Dr. Ruchi Prasad.

“I wanted to let you know what a fantastic job Michel Terzibachi has done with one of his clinic patients. He has a very good rapport with one of his patients who is complex and difficult; the patient was admitted recently and Michel has been following his hospital course. This morning, Michel checked and noted that the patient had left AMA late yesterday evening. He was scheduled for a cath this morning. Michel immediately called the patient and convinced him of importance and organized to get him back to the ED immediately and the patient did not lose his catheterization spot for today.”

“This required lots of coordination and careful discussion with his patient in addition to keeping up with his clinic patients scheduled for today. He did this all without me knowing and only informed me once it was all set up. I’m incredibly impressed and proud of Michel and I know that not everyone would take the extra mile. I’m so lucky to work with such wonderful examples of caring, kind and exceptional physicians.”

Congratulations, Michel! You truly exemplify MedStar’s SPIRIT values!