Jennifer Lee, MD – PGY3 Internal Medicine resident at MGUH.

Jennifer will be staying at MGUH to be an Infectious Disease fellow next year!

Jen got her Global Health elective cancelled [due to COVID] and we were able to plug her into a rotation at the DC Department of Health (DOH). She worked tirelessly (way more hours than she would have worked on an elective) to help do e-visits for our city’s first COVID patients. In addition, she also greatly benefitted the small and terribly stretched DOH team through her leadership. Not to mention that she kept working from home after she was diagnosed with COVID herself! Below is a thank-you note we received from the DOH lead:

“I am writing this letter to express my deepest gratitude to your institution for lending the Isolation and Quarantine branch the amazing Dr. Jennifer Lee for the last month. Dr. Lee started working with our group in early March during the outset of the coronavirus outbreak. She readily jumped into the work that we had started on the Isolation and Quarantine branch and has served as the deputy medical lead for the Isolation and Quarantine branch. She worked countless hours organizing our medical response for affected individuals including coordinating a group of, at times, more than a dozen clinicians. She additionally provided exceptional longitudinal telemedicine care to numerous individuals with COVID-19 in the community. She provided a professional, positive, and caring presence throughout her whole time with our branch. Dr. Lee’s incomparable clinical insight and has a deep dedication to public health and research were invaluable to our effort. We are sad to have her leave, but we are heartened that she will be working with your patients at Georgetown and providing the same exceptional care that we have seen her provide to District residents in isolation and quarantine.”