Academic Affairs COVID Update, 3/26

March 26, 2020


TO: Department Chair, GME Program Directors, GME Coordinators, Residents and Fellows, GME Leadership

FROM: Jamie Padmore, DM, Vice President, Academic Affairs

RE: UPDATE: COVID and Academics

I once again want to start this update by personally thanking each of you for all that you are doing to care for our patients and our community at this critical time.  Situations like this define who we are as an organization, and who we are as individuals.  I am proud to be part of an organization that has such a firm commitment to our community, and to work with each of you as physician leaders. As leaders, this is a very stressful time – but many people are counting on you to keep them calm and reassured.  Please remember every encounter you have is important and leaves a lasting impression with that person or group of people.  Now is your time to shine as a leader.   

REMINDER:  System-Wide Communication and Updates:

Regular communication is being distributed by Stephen R.T. Evans, MD, executive vice president, Medical Affairs & chief medical officer, Susan Eckert, RN, MSN, senior vice president and chief nursing officer, and Loretta Young Walker, senior vice president and chief human resources officer, regarding updated protocols and practices in the clinical setting.  Please note, all current communications and documents are available for download on the StarPort COVID resource page:

If you are outside of the network, you can access these policies through


  • Refer to our enhanced Wellbeing website at for updated resources
  • Care@Work: As a reminder, the number of emergency days for child/adult care has been increased from 10 to 25 days. Please make sure your Care.Com account is activated so it’s ready when you need to use it.  MedStar.Care.Com
  • EAP Support is available to you, confidentially and free of charge. You can contact EAP through our vendor, Business Health Services at 8765.3277 or (username: medstar).
  • Support Groups are being established for residents/fellows and faculty. You can find more information on the enhanced wellbeing website listed above.
  • DC COVID Sitters – DC area medical students are providing child care, pet, and grocery delivery services for residents and fellows. Refer to the memo sent on Monday, March 23.  Residents and fellows can obtain these services through
  • Uber Eats – Uber Eats has donated one free meal (up to $25) for our residents and fellows. A separate communication is being sent with instructions on how to access this wonderful gift.


  • GME Office Staffing Changes: The MGUH, MWHC/MNRH and Baltimore GME offices remain open but are operating on a reduced schedule. We are developing an on-call system to ensure a member of the GME team will be available 24/7. In the interim, please contact Jennifer Remington (703) 624-3863 or Jamie Padmore (202) 288-8665 with urgent issues.
  • FY21 Salaries: A memo was distributed via email on Monday, March 23 regarding the FY21 stipend levels for residents and fellows.
  • SiTEL Deadline: The deadline for SiTEL mandatories has been moved to May 1, 2020.  Please complete these modules ASAP when you have down time.
  • USMLE Step 3 Policy: The MedStar USMLE Step 3 policy will be relaxed while testing centers are closed.
  • Emergency Loans: Resident and Fellow emergency loans have temporarily been increased from $1000 to $2500.00.  As a reminder, loans are interest free and are paid back through payroll deduction.
  • ACLS/BLS Renewals: SiTEL has temporarily halted ACLS/BLS renewal courses. Anyone with expiring certification will be granted a 60-day extension. We will let you know as soon as SiTEL begins offering courses again. In the interim, please contact Jennifer Remington with questions.


Secure Enterprise Remote Access (SERA) allows you to access MedStar Health clinical systems and resources including StarPort when you are at home or outside of the MedStar Health Network. All residents and fellows are provisioned for SERA access. Instructions are attached. Contact the MedStar I.S. service desk at (202) 444-2111 or your local GME office if you are having difficulty with access.



Please refer to the communication regarding the use of PPE.  If a resident/fellow believes they have been directly exposed to a COVID positive patient, or if they are symptomatic, please CALL Occupational Health for triage and directions for testing.  Residents/fellows requiring quarantine due to clinical exposure will be paid for time in quarantine.  Time away from the program may have an impact on extension of training – however – this will have to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis based on board eligibility or other requirements.

In the event that a resident/fellow tests positive for COVID due to clinical exposure, time off will be covered and compensated.  Medical expenses should be covered by insurance.  Please note – residents and fellows on J-1 visas – medical insurance is a requirement of your visa status, for both you and your dependents.


Please use this video resource as a reminder of proper use of PPE, donning and doffing.


Please report all furloughs and/or quarantine of residents/fellows to Jennifer Remington, AVP for GME (  This will assure GME has a real-time and accurate record of trainee statuses, and assurance that pay and benefits are properly accounted for.

Quarantine:  If you are placed in quarantine, please be sure to follow the MedStar Health document for “Persons Under Investigation for COVID-19 –  Home Care Instructions for Patients”.  This document is located on Starport.  In summary, quarantine means you should stay home except to get medical care, separate yourself from others in your home, and avoid sharing personal household items.


  • Please note the change to moonlighting E-Visit policy. A memorandum was sent by Dr. Jon Davis earlier in the week.
  • The ACGME is temporarily allowing subspecialty fellows to work as attending physicians in their primary core specialty, with certain restrictions. More guidance will be distributed on this topic on Friday, March 27, including the approval process, credentialing/privileging requirements, and hours tracking.
  • Each hospital entity DIO is working with Program Directors to begin redeploying residents and fellows to areas where they are needed most. Please be aware that a work assignment may change during this State of Emergency.

Questions specific to GME or Academic Affairs should be directed to me, and I will ensure all responses are coordinated via Dr. Evans.  I can be reached by cell or text at 202-288-8665, or email at with a cc: to

(See last page for phone numbers and resources)


Please email me directly to register your personal travel with GME.  Please include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your home hospital and department
  • Departure date and Return arrival date
  • Destination and locations of any and all airport stops and transfers
  • Cell phone and/or WhatsApp contact information
  • Email you will be using while traveling abroad

Thank you for accommodating these restrictions while we learn more about the COVID-19 virus and its impact on our community.  More updates will follow as we have additional information.

Academics/GME Contact Information:

Jamie Padmore, DM
Vice President & Sr. Assoc. Dean
Cell: 202-288-8665
Jonathan Davis, MD
Physician Chair, GME Cell: 202-550-0099
Jennifer Remington, MHSA
AVP Graduate Medical Education Cell: 703-624-3863
Meghan Shaver, JD
Corporate Director, GME Cell: 301-580-5747
ENTITY Associate DIOs
Sailaja Pindiprolu, MD
MWHC Cell: 301-602-7217
Amy Burke, MD
MGUH Cell: 202-297-9507
Eric Wisotzky, MD
MNRH Cell: 805-844-3821
Stephanie Detterline, MD
Baltimore Region GME Cell: 410-615-0515

Occupational Health Contact information:

  • MedStar Washington Hospital Center/MedStar National Rehabilitation Network: 202.877.6781
  • MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center: 443.777.7236
  • MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital: 443.444.4380
  • MedStar Harbor Hospital: 410.350.3429
  • MedStar Union Memorial Hospital: 410.554.2546
  • MedStar Georgetown University Hospital: 202.444.3680
  • MedStar Montgomery Medical Center: 301.774.8798
  • MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center: 301.877.4488
  • MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital: 301.475.6216
  • After Hours (any entity): 202.420.1362